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Si Le Podcast Deep Climate, c’est des épisodes enregistrés In Situ 3 à 4 fois par traversée et durant les inter-missions, pour suivre l’aventure de l’intérieur.

Premier épisode prévu entre le 16 et 20 décembre… Stay Tuned.

Where are we now ?

It’s official, the Human Adaptation Institute’s new research expedition, Deep Climate, has started !

Between December 2022 and January 2023, Christian Clot and the climatonauts completed the first part of Deep Climate expeditions : a 40-day crossing in the equatorial forest of Guyana. In April 2023, they came back from the second part : a mission of several  weeks in the icy lands of Lapland. In June 2023, they returned from the third and last part of Deep Climate in the Nefoud desert in Saudi Arabia. The Deep Climate expeditions are now over. 

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