Mission Lapland has started !

This is it ! Christian Clot and the climatonauts have taken off for Finnish Lapland and the second expedition of the Deep Climate project. The first group took off for Ivalo on 13 March, followed the next day by the second. The joy of finally starting the journey in the cold of Lapland was high after the departure had to be postponed due to strikes in France and Finland.


A few words from Christian before the departure :

Here we are for the second stage of Deep Climate, in Northern Lapland, beyond the Arctic Circle.

After the humid heat of French Guiana, it is now the semi-dry and, above all, versatile cold that await us. Once again, this mission has shown from the outset that nothing is easily generated when setting up such scientific projects, which involve so many people.

After having to give up on Lake Baikal for the obvious reason of the war in Ukraine, and not being able to go to Canada because of the difficulties in obtaining authorisations for human research, Lapland appeared to be the obvious choice, where “nothing could happen”. But this was without counting on the transport and dockers’ strikes in Finland, which blocked our equipment truck for more than ten days, causing a significant delay in the project.

So here we go. And it feels good ! But all of these developments are just a reflection of the reality that everything, really everything, can change at any time. From a few details here and there to the whole of our living conditions, almost in an instant. This reality requires us to learn to adapt, always and to everything, while the speed and intensity of change have probably never been so rapid in history. Adapting to new living conditions… This is what we are studying with Deep Climate. A need that has now become universal !”

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