Preparation for Lapland is in full swing

A few weeks after returning from Guyana, the Human Adaptation Institute team and the climatonauts have already had to roll up their sleeves to prepare for the next stage of the Deep Climate expedition : the mission to Lapland ! 

Gone are the light clothes to face the heat, replaced by padded equipment and multiple layers to face the icy cold. Gloves and balaclavas have joined the skis and pulkas that the team members will have to pull throughout their journey. In total, more than 1.5 tonne of material, food and equipment were loaded and sent to Ivalo in Finland

Food for this 40-day immersion in Lapland was a major part of the preparation. In view of the sub-zero temperatures, the food needs of the climatonauts will be multiplied. Some 820 kilos of food were purchased and divided into 680 individual bags. Inside, some 30 kilos of comté cheese, 520 chocolate bars, 450 bags of instant noodles and 79 kg of dried fruit…   

A huge thank you to all the team who worked on the preparation and especially to the volunteers who generously gave their time and energy to make sure that everything was ready and on time for Lapland. Mission kicks off on February 24th !