In place for post-mission scientific protocols

Barely back from French Guiana, Christian Clot and the Deep Climate team already had a busy schedule. They were back at the Brain Institute to carry out all the post-mission scientific protocols. These were the same as those carried out before their departure and, for some of them, in situ in the Guyanese forest.

Why measurements before, during and after the mission ? Because such monitoring allows to evaluate all the physiological changes experienced by each team member during the 40 days spent in the environment, by comparing their reference states (before the mission), in situ (in the field studied) and on their return.

On their return to France, the climatonauts were also able to give their first impressions of this inaugural Deep Climate adventure to the media, before returning home for a well-deserved rest. They will soon get down to preparing their next mission in Lapland. It will kick off at the end of February !