A start in already very wet conditions

These first days in the equatorial forest allowed the team to start getting accustomed to this hot and very humid environment where conditions were already challenging. Heavy rains marked the beginning in the Guyanese nature where the ambient temperature oscillated between 23° and 28°C and the relative humidity rate exceeded 80%. 

Faced with such conditions, the climatonauts already had to start adapting to preserve their bodies and their equipment, while continuing their progress. Foot care, setting up the camp, organizing the days, progress of the group… Christian tells more about the first steps of the expedition in the second episode of the Deep Climate podcast (in French).

On the day of departure, the climatonauts were feeling a mixture of emotions after so much preparation – fear, doubt, stress and tiredness mixed with excitement and joy – when the support team left them ready to cut themselves off from the world and start their journey.