Protocols in Paris

Deep Climate is made of 20 “climatonauts” who will go to 3 extreme environments for 3 journeys of 40 days, with very specific objectives:

– understand the impact of a new type of climate on humans and the ability to adapt in order to reduce the risks to human health

– study group dynamics in situations of change and collective cooperation skills

– evaluate sensory and emotional links to cognition and the surrounding ecology, which direct our decisions

For that purpose, Christian and the “climatonauts” will follow about fifty different scientific protocols involving no less than nine research fields. Cognition, physiology, genetics, microbiology, psychology, ethology… The protocols, unique and proven, are supervised by some forty researchers from 18 partner laboratories and universities. And they have already started.


Last weekend, two days before the departure, the team was at the Brain Institute (ICM) in Paris to carry out the pre-mission scientific protocols. On schedule : tests of odor and color perception, orientation tests, posture tests, cardiovascular measurements, MRIs, questionnaires, physical tests… Two busy days to start following each participant from every angle. And this is only the beginning. All the tests will be conducted before, during (in situ) and after each mission to better understand the mechanisms of evolution.