The preparation

The preparation

In 2016, Christian Clot decided to study more specifically the impact of climate change on humans and the succession of changes. He imagined a series of expeditions to several extreme environments with opposing climates. Thought up as a group, he decided to carry out a first series on his own to validate the principle of these studies.

This became the 4X30 DAYS expedition, a world premiere of 4 successive crossings in the 4 most extreme environments on the planet (see the book ‘Au coeur des extrêmes’ (Robert Lafont, 2018) link to our shop] and the film 4×30 days in the extremes (Darwin Production, 2020)) [Link to the film]

A selection process was then launched to recruit crew members for the main expeditions. More than 1500 applications were received and 20 people were recruited to begin their preparation in 2018. [pictures and/or videos of preparation]

But the scientific tools are still lacking and the budgets for such a mission are difficult to raise, which pushes back the departure to 2020. Everything is ready for a departure in September 2020 when COVID-19 spreads over the planet and closes the borders for at least 2 years.

Without abandoning this project, the Human Adaptation Institute team is focusing on studies related to the Covid situation (COVADPT), and then to the Deep Time mission in 2021.

In 2022, everything is back on track: joined by new partners, including Kaust University, with newly developed scientific tools and redefined destinations, the renamed Deep Climate project starts in December 2022, following one of the hottest years in known history which, as a mocking wink, demonstrates more than ever the need for these missions.